Who Is On-Line:

Repeater & Site Managers

Repeaters & Site Managers

To Send an email;  "Highlight" contact's "Name" ("mouse over" cursor); then "CLICK".  Next; "CLICK" on "Contact Form".  Next; fill in your contact information (at your discretion include phone number) and then your inquiry content.  Recommend you "Check" the "Send copy to yourself" box.     Finally; "CLICK" the "Send Email". Please allow a day for reply.

To Call; You are welcome to contact any of the Officers and Board member via phone, if a phone number is listed,  Some are using Google Voice to redirect your call to a "private" number; Listen carefully for any special types of recordings and instructions as Google Voice does not operate like a standard mobile or land line service.  

To Report a Repeater Problem: Click Here and you'll be redirected to a Report A Repeater Problem page. Its a simple notification form that will imediately email a notice to all of the Site Managers with your report and contact information, someone will contact you shortly.