Who Is On-Line:

Services & Activities

MARCA as a Club supports several Services to the Amateur Radio Community. We also Participate in many Activities both as a Club and as Individual Members.

UHF & VHF Repeaters open to all licensed hams. These repeaters are located on several mountain tops in Central Arizona and the Phoenix Valley. A wide varity of uses from Voice, APRS, Packet, DStar, and Fusion. Descriptions and Locations of these repeaters can be found on its own Menu Button, "Repeater".

ARRL Field Day is one of our biggest and fun events of the year. It is both a technical event requiring a team approach setting up several radio systems off the power grid or Internet. 

License Exam Testing Sessions. We Welcome and encourage New Hams by providing ARRL sponsored License Exam Testing Session. These are held monthly prior to the club's General Membership Meeting. 

Contests: There are many many contests that challange every interest you may have in this Hobby. 

FMT or Frequency Measurement Tests is contest to see who can measure a unknown frequency more exactly than anyone else. Say with an accuracy at about 0.0001 Hertz !  Everyone should try it. Why, because you are responsible for knowing what frequency your transmitter is broadcasting on. How do you know for sure, the dial or digital display on the radio is not something you want to rely on for accuracy.. The FCC does not consider it an excuse for you to be on the wrong frequency or operating outside your Licensed Authority. The FMT is a contest to test your basic knowledge skills and measure a unknow frequency.

Presentations by subject matter knowledgeable. These are live in person presentation at our monthly General Membership Meetings. When the presenter allows, these presentations are available for review in our Library that is found on the Main Menu "Library".