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Update on Progress  ..... Sunday 2 March 2014

This Landing Page will soon be history. In fact, the navigation of the site is under reconstruction to be a little more welcoming.


To repeat, the old site is "Defunked" and we are starting out NEW. All previous registrations have been deleted. You must register a new account on this site to login. For those with history of the old site, you will notice it "Kinda - Looks - the - Same" but you will find some differences. For the time beinging this page is just a "LANDING" page.



View the "Interesting" pages that are lightly populated with content .... or it might be sort of empty.

View "Featured News".

View the "Garage" page which is the MARCA Classified Ads. 

View the Calendar and scheduled Events.

View Links.

View the "About Us" page that includes information for Joining MARCA.

View the "About Us" page telling about MARCA and inviting viewers to Join.

View the "Contact Us" page; send emails to listed MARCA Members & Officers in the Contact Us area.



IF you are a MARCA Member ..... Register. Registration on the old site is not being carried over due to age and accuracy of member profile data.

IF you are Registered then ..... LOGIN.

IF you want access as a "Friend of MARCA - GUEST" you are welcome to Register subject to review and approval.

Note: This is NOT an "Auto-Registration" process; once you submit your "registration, you will recieve an email acknowledging you "made a request" (not approved yet) and an "authentication link" you MUST "click" on to validate your email address. Then a Moderator will "review" your "registration request", and either "APPROVE" or "Denied"; at which time you will receive a second "Email" informing you of "STATUS" and if "Approved" you may "Login". If you were "Denied", you should contact the webmast or any MARCA Officer for followup.